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Follow-up Message from National Membership Committee (NMC) Nomination & Election Committee (NEC) Digital Community Committee (DCC)



Dear American Druze Society Members,


We do extend our best wishes to the president elect and the new board members.


The National Election for 2020 was completed by counting the ballots on 12/19/20 and the results are as follow:


President Elect: Mr. Walid Abdel Khalek

Board Members: Mr. Walid Charaf, Dr. Zouheir Faris and

Dr. Samer Suki


Special thanks for all those who have helped in the ballot count.


Election Tidbits-

  • The Counting event was streamed live

  • Less than 30 people took advantage of the streaming event

  • 1535 ballots were mailed out

  • Around 60% of the ballots were mailed back for the count




The 2021 ADS National Election

Regarding the 2021 National ADS Election, The National Board of Directors and the NEC have agreed to exceptionally postpone the nominations, nominations acceptance, and endorsements deadline for the 2021 election cycle from Dec 31st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021 to concentrate on the 2020 election.



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